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Our innovations division is led by Gabby Lee '23. The Innovations Division aims to create new startups every year and launch each as a long-term business venture within CWIB. Past successful startups are Claremont Apparel and Moo Reseller Program. In 2021, we created a room pairing app for incoming CMC freshmen, ultimately pitching to DOS. 

This year, we will move away from RoomEasy and begin a new business endeavor. Each week members learn about different industries and the following week run pitch competitions until they decide on a final start-up idea. In between pitches, members learn techniques necessary for entrepreneurship: market research, gaining funding, product design, etc. 

Members include:

Gabby Lee '23

Nishka Ayyar '23

Ria Passi '24 

Emma Pack '24

Lauren Fue '25

Enya Kamadolli '26

Crystal Ma '26

Innovations Team

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