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Intro to Growth Equity + JMI Equity On Campus Recruiting Event 
JMI Equity is a growth equity firm focused on investing in leading software companies. Founded in 1992, JMI has invested in over 165 businesses in its target markets, successfully completed over 110 exits, and raised more than $6 billion of committed capital. The investment team will be on-campus to cover an introduction to both growth equity investing and JMI Equity (includes a networking portion at the end). Come to learn more about what an analyst role (full-time or summer internship) looks like at JMI!
The session is meant to (1) help undergraduates interested in business (investment banking/consulting/private equity) understand what growth equity is & where it fits on the investing spectrum, (2) introduce our firm JMI to students/get some networking time with them during the session, and (3) have it be an open forum for any questions around our still open & rolling applications for both full-time analyst positions (open to seniors) and summer internships (open to freshman-juniors) out in our San Diego office.

This event will take place on November 17th at 4:30 PM PST. 
For more information and to register, click here
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