Prager and Co. Investment Banking Internship

 is hiring an Investment Banking Intern for the summer of 2021. Prager & Co. is unique as it is a smaller firm and has its foundation in public finance—its clients include higher education institutions, healthcare organizations, cultural institutions, social service agencies, and state and local governments. Prager also has strong ties to CMC and the Claremont Colleges, and Prager would love to continue adding Claremont students and alumni to the team. Emily Bassett '18 ( is happy to answer your questions about the firm or the internship opportunity. The application is due November 9th.



The Firm

Founded in 1987 with the backing of two prominent universities, Prager & Co. began as a public finance investment bank that provided bond underwriting, sales, and trading services to a wide range of clients including colleges and universities, healthcare organizations, cultural institutions, social service agencies, as well as state and local governments. As the firm grew, Prager built a market-leading financial advisory practice and became the trusted advisor of choice to many leading higher education and non-profit institutions. To meet the changing higher education landscape, accelerated by COVID-19, Prager’s strategic advisory practice complements its traditional financial advisory and investment banking business lines. This practice operates at the intersection of management consulting and investment banking, providing innovative, holistic, and mission-driven advice followed by financial market execution, such as mergers & acquisitions, capital raising, and asset sales.


Prager & Co. is comprised of a diverse team of experienced professionals with extensive backgrounds in M&A, corporate and municipal finance, underwriting, and financial administration. Upon completion of a successful internship, the candidate will be considered for a full-time analyst position at the conclusion of their academic degree.


The Role

As part of the firm’s internship program, you will develop a thorough understanding of the day-to-day responsibilities of a first-year analyst on Prager’s investment banking team. You will learn about the higher education and non-profit sectors, types of strategic and financial advisory engagements, municipal finance industry, and assist with the firm’s strategic, financial advisory, and underwriting engagements.