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Summer Diaries #1

Summer Diaries 2018 is a series of biweekly articles featuring profiles of Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors highlighting their summer internship experiences. This series will feature profiles of students across various fields of works including Consulting, Technology and Entrepreneurship, Education and Non Profit etc.

This series will give an insight into the learnings, goals and challenges related to the internship experience of the featured student. This article series will also provide fellow CMCers a chance to gain knowledge about summer internship programs available across the world, scrutinize the process of applying for internships, make connections with other students and read advice from upperclassmen.

Featured Profile #1 – Robert Cain CMC’21

Field of Work – Education and Non Profit

Robert Cain CMC’ 21, is a dual major in Applied Math and Media Studies. This summer he interned at the William H. Douglas Foundation (WHD) in Los Angeles County. The WHD Foundation is a nonprofit organization which helps underrepresented students navigate through the diverse and complicated challenges of achieving a higher educational degree. Passionate about providing educational access and opportunity to students from disadvantaged backgrounds, Cain worked there as the Social Media and Marketing Manager Intern. His responsibilities included social media management, external communications, and content creation. In addition to accomplishing and witnessing the impact of his goal on student lives, his responsibilities at the organization were also related to his academic interests pertaining to Media Studies.

Getting the Position – The selection process for the internship was based on a successful networking operation. Cain met with his supervisor Pennie Douglas (Executive Director) at a KLI event and maintained the connection throughout the year by occasionally assisting her nonprofit in minor ways. Towards the end of his Freshman year he reached out, and was immediately offered an internship.

Lessons Learned – The 8-week long internship at WHD reaffirmed his ideal working conditions: away from an office and never confined to an eight-hour workday. He considers himself a creative person who enjoys creating content such as social media posts, engaging videos, informative articles, etc. Cain confirmed that a corporate work environment is not for him. Even though the idea of having a corporate lifestyle does not charm Cain, it has surely taught him valuable lessons for working in a professional capacity in the future.

Another important lesson he learnt from his internship was “Open communication is key in any relationship.” Faced with the challenge of complying with his supervisor when he disagreed, Cain learned to politely express his concerns to address issues. Disagreement is a common challenge faced at workplace by employees, Cain’s experience delivers one of the many ways to deal with it in a professional space.

Lastly, Cain wanted Freshman to know that “it’s never too early to start thinking about your career. Four years flies by quicker than you might think. Some of you might want to spend your first summer back home or relaxing on a beach, which is totally fine and I empower you to do so. However, avoid doing absolutely nothing. If nothing else, at least invest in your intellectual or professional development. Take an online course. Read a book. Learn a new skill.”

Cain plans to combine his academic interests with his professional viewpoint of freely working for himself in the future. Cain’s story could possibly help you find your goals and preferences for the coming years of college and, perhaps, help you align them with internships opportunities in your field of interest.

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