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Looking for a S-hero? Here are three.

By Chahat Kaur

Claremont Women in Business (CWIB) organized “Women in Leadership Athenaeum Talk” on March 5th, 2017, which welcomed a panel of three speakers, including Melody Godfred, Kathryn Mgrublian, and Lijah Barasz. This panel was organized so that female leaders could share their experiences and wisdom about working in a formal environment. An array of discussion topics were covered, such as flourishing female work fields, college subject selection, and workplace harassments. Attendees gained insightful advice from female leaders in the field of entrepreneurship, public relations and entertainment.

This three-hour event was so successful that all attendees wanted to keep in touch and connect with the panelists following the talk. As Payson Rahul, CMC ‘19, observed, “rarely do women of different ages, from different cities, and of a variety of backgrounds convene in a single room over a gourmet meal to discuss their careers”.

The three-women panel consisted of: Melody Godfred, the founder of Fred+Far, which is a self-love movement, and the founder of Write in Color, a personal branding company; Lijah Barasz, who studies Screenwriting at UCLA, is currently a writer of the ABC television series Pretty Little Liars; and Kathryn Mgrublian, a CMC alumna, who is the founder of Clear West Communications. While Mgrublian was a student at CMC, she worked as the director of the 5C improvisational theater group Without a Box.

These three women have overcome barriers in order to establish their position in their respective fields of work. The panelists shared their personal experiences of remaining determined to break into competitive industries. On this note, Godfred inquired, "What is your superpower?” Maya Gutierrez, CMC’19, reflected on the question. “Our responses portrayed that most of us struggled to confidently find a great attribute about ourselves to share.” Godfred inculcated a lesson expressing that one should not turn quiet when asked to complement themself.

The panelists, without hesitation, where open to sharing their personal life experiences on and off the job. Mei Masuyama, CMC’19, recalled, “Barasz talked about how she knew no one when she moved from New York to LA, yet still reached out to every person she vaguely had contact with about a job offer.” This highlighted the significance and importance of making connections and being disciplined about job search.

Furthermore, amongst the attendees, several did not have a clear career path in mind. Irrespective, these panelists inspired them to follow “what your heart settles for.” Godfred added that she dropped out of law school to challenge her entrepreneurial skills. Masuyama observed that this gave reassurance to everyone with and without directionality of career path.

The three panelists inspired the attendees to believe in themselves and compete in the job search with confidence. This talk gave a boast of enthusiasm to the CWIB team and made us realize the importance of career discipline as well as work-life balance. Overall, this talk was an enriching experience for all involved. The attendees left the discussion feeling inspired to pursue their interests and hopefully set an example for the next generation of businesswomen.

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