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Portola Partners 2022 Analyst Position

Portola Partners, a large*, independent wealth-management firm, welcomes seniors and recent Claremont McKenna College graduates to apply for very attractive Financial Analyst positions based in Silicon Valley (Menlo Park) for a July 2022 start.  Please feel free to share this information with Claremont McKenna College friends who might be interested.


Students may learn more by visiting us online at  We will conduct first round video interviews on October 20th.  This position is posted on Handshake, and we invite students to submit resumes and interview materials prior to October 12th. 

Portola Partners provides sophisticated investment advice and integrated comprehensive planning to respected families, foundations, and endowments, many of whom have made significant contributions to the world.  Our business model allows us to do what is right for our clients.  Careful to minimize conflicts of interest with our clients, we neither sell products nor receive commissions. We grow through word-of-mouth referrals; no one on our team engages in any cold-calling activities. 


We welcome candidates who wish to join a close-knit team with a high degree of camaraderie, collaboration, mentorship, and professional standards.  We give substantial early responsibility and client contact to Financial Analysts.  We provide many opportunities for learning, enrichment, and career development.  We are committed to a healthy work-life balance, and our Financial Analysts work significantly fewer hours than analysts in comparable positions.  Nevertheless, compensation is highly competitive with top-tier banks and consulting firms.  Our team’s past Financial Analysts have a compelling track record of gaining admission to top-tier business schools.


We hope to hire truly great team players who have the potential to become partners in our organization in the future.  We seek colleagues who are highly ethical, empathetic, team-oriented, analytical, motivated, and intellectually curious.  Ideal candidates will possess great interpersonal skills, excellent judgment, broad problem-solving skills, and a professional, service-oriented demeanor.

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