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The Quill Team

The Quill is proudly run through Claremont Women in Business

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Publication Chair 

Chahat is a senior at CMC pursuing a double major in Economics and Organizational Studies. Born in India, she holds a passion for writing because she feels it is the most effective medium for voicing her opinion. As the Publication Chair, she brings together both her passion for writing and her interest in the field of business management. With this leadership position, along with several others, she holds 7 years experience in journalism. 

Chahat Kaur 

Staff Writer 

Julia Garbe

Julia is a junior at CMC studying Economics and Philosophy. Outside of being a staff writer for the Quill, Julia enjoys working at the Lowe Institute for Political Economy as an economic journalist, where she authors data-driven articles that highlight economic themes in California. In her free time, Julia loves to cook italian food, design clothing, and ski.

Editor in Chief

Janet Chen

Janet Chen is a senior at CMC studying Government and Psychology. Outside of serving as an Editor in Chief of The Quill, she is a member of the CMS Women’s Lacrosse Team and a consultant for SOURCE Nonprofit Consulting. In her free time, Janet loves traveling and attending music festivals all around the world. Beyond business and entrepreneurship, she is interested in environmental protection and human rights issues. 

Managing Editor

Amanda Huang

Amanda Huang is a senior at CMC studying Economics and Computer Science. Outside of being Managing Editor for The Quill, she loves working on campus as a Research Assistant for the Lowe Institute for Political Economy and grutoring for CS classes. She has a passion for global health policies and is looking forward to finding creative ways to build meaningful software to mitigate pressing global health concerns.

Staff Writer

Asees Bindra

Asees is a junior at CMC majoring in Economics. She was born and raised in New Delhi, India and loves sharing her experiences with people from all over the world. In her free time, Asees enjoys exploring new restaurants and cuisines and traveling. She is passionate about business and finding solutions for the economic inequality in India. 

Marketing Associate

Eda Garcia

Eda Garcia is a senior at CMC studying Government. Given that she arrived to college thinking she would be a STEM major, she recently discovered her interest for marketing and writing; however, most importantly, she is very passionate about finding a solution to the education inequality that exists within the U.S.. When she is not studying for exams, she can most likely to be found at Career Services or Financial Aid Office, so if you have any questions feel free to reach out! In her free time, she enjoys hiking, baking, building puzzles, and spending time with Ruby (her dog).

Marketing Associate 

Hnin Lei Lei Tun

Hnin Lei Lei Tun is a freshman at CMC, currently studying Mathematics and Computer Science. She was born and raised in Yangon, Myanmar and now, is looking forward to new experiences. Outside of being the Marketing Associate for The Quill, she is also a fellow for the Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Technology Assistant of IT Project and Business Services. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, binge-watching movies, and traveling. 

Staff Writer

Mimi Thompson 

Mimi Thompson is a senior at CMC studying Literature and Psychology. At The Quill, she writes articles about her professional experiences and is excited to learn more about the tech world next year during the SVP. Aside from CWIB, Mimi is a tour guide, the President of Pomona Ventures and heavily involved in theater. Mimi is passionate about women’s rights and equality of education. She loves her bullet journal and glitter.​